A new hope

When I speak of a new hope, I’m not talking about Star Wars IV, I’m talking about our new city supervisor Adam Lincoln, with whom I’m impressed as all can be. Here’s the city’s news release.

For those who don’t really know what the city supervisor does, here’s a simplistic comparison I can make: the city council is like Congress, the mayor is like the president, and the city supervisor is essentially like the chief of staff. That’s a really rough explanation as the city supervisor doesn’t act as “gatekeeper” to the mayor or anything like that, which usually will happen with the chief of staff, but you get the idea: the city supervisor is in charge of the staff. He or she helps the mayor see to it that city code is followed, and other policies which have been enacted by city council are realized. He or she is basically your day-to-day operations individual.

At any point, when we talk about having hope in a new administration, or enacting positive change, it can be easily inferred that there was a problem with the old one. When I speak of a new hope, and with excitement for our new city supervisor, I mean no disrespect at all to our former city manager. I hold no ill will to him, and wish him the very best in retirement.

But that new hope I’m talking about is real. To start with, I feel comfortable with the glowing review Mayor Johnson gave Adam before he even came on board.

He’s only 32 years young, is ambitious, and while not from Pullman, is from the region. He’s up-to-date on current best practice as it relates to municipal practice.

And he’s respectful and willing to listen to good ideas!

Working through a current issue, Adam was willing to talk to my wife face-to-face, was very open to both her concerns and feedback, and she left his office feeling more comfortable with the possibility of city working with residents in a timely, transparent, and respectful fashion.

Fast forward a few weeks, and without needling, Adam emailed my wife and let her know that the issue at hand was going to be taken care of. This was incredibly respectful.

I didn’t know anything about Adam before he came to Pullman. But I can’t wait to work with him in the coming years.