Summer 2017 arterial street resurfacing project

The City of Pullman will undertake a pretty substantial street resurfacing this summer. It will affect Merman Drive, Valley Road, B Street, and Colorado Street.

View Resurfacing Plan Map

As you’d hope, the City has a plan in place to deal with all the traffic (a “control plan”). Detours, detours, detours!!!

Warning: You may have to be a cartographer to understand these, but either way, they’re provided to you here as a public service.

Control Plan – Sheet 51

Control Plan – Sheet 52

Control Plan – Sheet 53

Control Plan – Sheet 54

It should be pointed out that, as a separate project, Washington state’s Department of Transportation will be resurfacing SR-270 from just beyond Bishop Blvd., all the way through downtown Pullman out to Hwy 195. More to follow!